The Top 3 Books For Any Startup

Many new upcoming startups that want to grow and expand. The hit the wall after few months of launching and finding out that the product might not fit the market or the customer does not like the product. Or they go into a heated competition with other competitors and does not know what to do.

So, how to avoid these mistakes and get ahead in the game? We present to you these three books that can and will help you take shortcuts in your game.

The Toyota Way

This book is one of the top books to read if you want to have a great processes inside your business. It will show you how Toyota is doing great job with their production system. And will give you another perspective from the east in how to manage.

Many things you will read in this book that will wow you and make you gaze your eyes toward Japan the country that is leading the world in manufacturing and producing high quality product.

One of the things that amazed me in this book is the direct fix on the production line rather than waiting to create committees and long feedback loops. Also, JIT (Just in Time) concept where you only get the materials when needed rather than stack them.

The Lean Startup

This book can save you an arm and a leg when you are launching your startup. Many startups fail just simply because they launch a product that is really good but no body wants it. Or worse the right product for the wrong market.

This book tells you the story of the imvu chat app, when they started they created based what on what they thought was right. And guess what? The customer did not like it. The typical startup dilemma.

So how you can beat it? Simple, just release small incremental sets of the product. See what the customers thing. Modify to align your product with the market. What you think is what the customer wants not necessarily correct.

The Art of War

Now this book is not directly aiming to teach you about startups, it's more about war. But, it will teach you a lot in how to deal with competition. This book is about 1,500 years old but it filled with many wisdoms that makes it ahead of it's time.

This book talks about strategy as well, in how to plan. War and business are similar, both have counterparts and both have goals that each party want to achieve on the expense of the others.